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Welcome to Kensington Personal Training!

If you’re looking for a female personal trainer who provides non-intimidating, realistic lifestyle based training programs that get you results, contact me today.

You can find my main website by clicking here.

Face the day with more energy, better sleep and a more calm attitude by joining a group fitness class.

Exercise can relieve stress and tension as well as making you more confident and more productive at work.

Registration for group classes has commenced. Reserve your place now!

Yes, I know it’s getting colder and darker and there are plenty more excuses you could come up with to not join. Let me guess; you’re too tired, you don’t have time, you don’t have the energy, the kids, the partner, the job, the weather…and the list goes on.

BUT those are not excuses not to exercise, they are the REASONS to get out and exercise.

  • Sleep better,
  • have more energy,
  • be more productive,
  • be happier,
  • be more confident,
  • be more social,
  • be healthier.

Join today.

When you’re sitting in traffic feeling more calm, or not being so agitated by other public transport users, you’ll be glad you did!

PS. Did I mention I have some great comfortable and warm training gear for you, too. So now there’s definitely no excuse!

Check it out here.

Please contact me on 1300 35 10 54 or 0450 79 78 37.

Alternatively, email me at





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